Got Questions? – Most of your common ones might be answered here.

How soon can I have changes made to the custom blends made just for my company?
These changes can take place immediately. Revisions – with date of review and the person responsible for editing the procedure -are documented inside La-Mar-Ka as part of our ISO-9001 procedure.

Does La-Mar-Ka have expedited delivery services and options for after hour delivery?
Yes – we have 24/7/365 delivery options. Direct Emergency contact information is available to our customers.

 Can I request custom packaging on any solution or reagent?
YES! The packaging sizes and containers listed are the most common. We offer many different containers and fill options for virtually every solution and reagent – as long as they are compatible with the contents.

How soon can a new custom solution standard be made and shipped to me?
Usually within just a few days, as long as the raw materials are in stock and we are provided the complete specifications for your product.
We can package your custom product to meet a variety of specifications including container type, fill volume, and label specifications

What packaging sizes are available?
While there are many options with containers, we have filled containers from 1 milliliter vials to 300 Gallon Totes. We can also custom fill any container – to your specifications.

How do I determine expiration dates?
Expiration dates are printed in our labels. Many expiration dates can be customized to meet customer requirements. Custom labels can be requested as an additional charge to meet your internal requirements.

How do you ship products including chemicals?
Several options are available. If you are within our service area we can deliver via our trucks. Otherwise we have access to all major common carriers. If you prefer we can use you preferred carrier under a pre-negotiated agreement.

How do I request a proposal for integrated services?
The first action is to discuss your company’s current situation and future goals. La-Mar-Ka can then design a custom inventory management program to meet your company’s specific needs.

How do I set up weekly standing orders for high use items?
Contact our outstanding customer service department and they can walk you through it step by step. It is quick and easy.

How do I get a quote on a custom solution?
Please fill out the Custom Solution Request form below and one of our team members will be glad to assist you. Include as many specifics and details as possible to help us better understand your needs.
Click here to get to form.

How can I setup auto-ordering on our stock supplies?

Can you help manage my lab inventory?
Absolutely. La-Mar-Ka services many clients along the gulf coast area. Some clients have as many as 35 different service locations. We have dedicated service personnel to make deliveries and take inventory. We are happy to discuss all the details with you.
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What solutions can you manufacturer for my lab?
We manufacture over 6000+ custom and standard solutions. There’s a good chance that La-Mar-Ka is already manufacturing the one you need.
Contact us today! 888-585-3311 or <a title=”” href=”” target=”” rel=”noopener”></a> .

What is required to earn Sigma Aldrich “Preferred Pricing”?
This is based on annual purchase volumes, and your relationship with LMK. LMK offers many products outside of its relationship with Sigma with over 70 other vendors.