La-Mar-Ka Laboratory Reagents and Solutions

Proud of La-Mar-Ka’s more than 40 Years of Precise Quality and Exemplary Service.

ISO Certified Manufacturer of Chemicals and Solutions

We are uniquely both an ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer of Solutions and a Broad Line Distributor of Laboratory Supplies and Equipment.  We currently offer over 6,000 standard solutions and chemicals for you to choose from.

Why Pre-made Solutions Make Sense for You.

Here are the most sited reasons from our customers for buying our solutions:

  • Quality and Consistency – 40+ years experience making ACS or higher grade solutions
  • Saves Time and Money – Spend your time on critical operations and reduce waste
  • N.I.S.T  Traceability – Full traceability of all applicable materials and instruments
  • Certificates of Analysis – We maintain 100% COAs on all products produced and make them available for your records
  •  Complete Usage History – We keep track of your historic usage by lot number and can help determine optimum packaging configurations and materials

If you require an item that isn’t in our current list we can discuss your needs including the quantity and packaging configuration that best meets your technical specifications and operational requirements.  Just click on the  Custom Solutions Request Form on the right and Submit it.  We will get right back with you to discuss all of your requirements.

Got a Question
How soon can I have changes made to the custom blends made just for my company?

These changes can take place immediately. Revisions – with date of review and the person responsible for editing the procedure -are documented inside La-Mar-Ka as part of our ISO-9001 procedure.

Can I request custom packaging on any solution or reagent?

YES! The packaging sizes and containers listed are the most common. We offer many different containers and fill options for virtually every solution and reagent – as long as they are compatible with the contents.

How soon can a new custom solution standard be made and shipped to me?

Usually within just a few days, as long as the raw materials are in stock and we are provided the complete specifications for your product.

We can package your custom product to meet a variety of specifications including container type, fill volume, and label specifications

What packaging sizes are available?

While there are many options with containers, we have filled containers from 1 milliliter vials to 300 Gallon Totes. We can also custom fill any container – to your specifications.

How do I determine expiration dates?

Expiration dates are printed in our labels. Many expiration dates can be customized to meet customer requirements. Custom labels can be requested as an additional charge to meet your internal requirements.

How do I get a quote on a custom solution?

Please fill out the Custom Solution Request form below and one of our team members will be glad to assist you. Include as many specifics and details as possible to help us better understand your needs.

What solutions can you manufacturer for my lab?

We manufacture over 6000+ custom and standard solutions. There’s a good chance that La-Mar-Ka is already manufacturing the one you need.

Contact us today!   888-585-3311 or .